Our Mission

MTS was established with the vision that autonomous systems will play a leading role in the future of offshore operations. We work with global partners to maximise tactical advantage, minimise risk, increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact through the use of cutting edge autonomous technology.


Research & Development

MTS are consistently testing the boundary of what is possible with autonomous systems. Our experienced R&D team has the vision and expertise to maintain our position at the leading edge of the underwater domain. Our achievements include modification and update of existing systems, novel sensor integration and extend to complete marine systems design.

Glider Operations

The MTS team has unrivalled experience in the cost effective management and operation of autonomous underwater vehicles. Our effective mission planning and execution as well as our maintenance and service capability mean we are well placed to help you achieve your objectives.


AUV Services

The L3Harris Iver 3 is an incredibly versatile, proven AUV for defence applicaitons. MTS offer a suite of AUV services including hydrographic and geophysical survey, environmental characterisation as well as towed magnetometer and UXO survey.  

Our Parent

MTS was established with the support of its parent company, Blue Ocean Monitoring in 2017. Blue Ocean Monitoring was founded in 2014 to serve the needs of global civilian organisations and has seen great success in the offshore oil & gas and renewables space.  

 Blue Ocean Monitoring has a number of other subsidiaries and affiliate organisations including Blue Ocean Seismic Services and Blue Ocean Marine Services

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